Monday, December 7, 2015

"I got a subscription to Club Penguin today. $8 a month. Worth it."

Highs of the Day:
1. Young Life went ice-skating tonight instead of meeting at the Barn for Campaigners
2. Chik Fil A dinner party with Silvana, Sophie, Elyse, Mia and Hannah
3. Being super productive at school
4. Jayla telling me that she'd been refreshing Overlap all weekend waiting for a new post (aka knowing that someone cares about what I'm writing)
5. Talking with Nat Rat about Work Crew, Jake about leading Wyld Life, Isaiah about camp and seeing our YL kids embrace opportunities to grow

Things I Can't Wait For:
1. CILT Reunion is just over a week and a half away
2. All City Wyld Life Club this Saturday
3. Skiing with the fam at Crystal Mountain over break
4. Reuniting with some long long YL friends later this week
5. Ethiopia with some of my very best friends is just over three months away

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