Sunday, December 6, 2015

"Thank you for liking my picture of the cats. That was very big of you."

Saturday morning started with the most exciting Hot Chocolate Club event of them all-- the Amazing Quilt Camp Race! Christine always does a fabulous job of coming up with challenges and activities that has the two teams zooming all over the TLC. I used to compete but these days I'm more of a facilitator.

The Green Banana Monkeys Team

The Red Team-- Fuzzy Lightnighg Ninjas

They started by finding the pieces of a Christmas Carol inside a giant Santa Sack of snow and then putting all of those words in the correct order of the song. Oh my goodness, it was tough.

Then downstairs they had to blow up balloons of their team color, stuff them in a pair of pantyhose and put the "antlers" on someone's head.

Upstairs in the hallway they bit one candy cane and used it as a hook to transport other candy canes to the tree down the hall. They couldn't use their hands as they transferred all of the candy cane decorations.

Finally they returned to the dining room to draw a Santa on a poster board piece by piece. It was a close call but the Red Team won by just a few seconds.

I'd pick Maddie and Meric to be on my team any day.

After lunch we went on a walk across to camp to start filming Meric's Spanish movie, pick up some stuff from the Nightingale and get in some steps at my favorite place. 

We worked on a Christmas quilt all day with Bethie. Mom sewed, Meric ironed, Maddie pieced things together and I helped out while friendship braceleting at the end of the table. Team Sewing is always the preferred method. 

I love that every December Quilt Camp I get to hang out with Arden and Scarlet Friend-- sisters and Tecumseh campers. Arden was a CILT last summer and I got to know her even better. 

A surprise this year was getting to see Nikki Lanigan Jones for a little bit on Sunday morning. She's been here visiting with family this weekend and finally our paths overlapped. She's just a rock star. I can't wait for more time together at the reunion in two weeks. 

But of course my favorite person at Quilt Camp is my mom Bethie. She puts the whole thing together, knows every single woman here, takes care of everything anyone needs and does it all with humility, enthusiasm and a smile on her face. She's the greatest.

So thankful for another successful Christmas Quilt Camp. It's been a great one!

Back at home I added all 9 bracelets from the weekend to my most recent stockpile. We're catching up to last year's number and I just may reach my goal for the summer by Christmas.

p.s. Did you notice that Maddie and I continued to accidentally match in our Patagonia's the rest of the weekend?

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