Thursday, December 31, 2015

"Who made me be a human? I was supposed to be a dog or something. God put my soul in the wrong thing."

I'm a firm believer that friendships are your best investment. This Winter Break I spent the first week with my family in MI. The second week I'm seeing as many of my favorite people as possible. With no work, homework, sports or school bedtimes to get in the way it's working out pretty well.

Grace Andritsch has one of the greatest hearts of any one I know. We had a Chipotle lunch date and here are just a few things I love about her: she was so excited about texting her little brother who just got a phone, she's pumped about ASL and traveling with an ASL family to visit Gallaudet, articulating that you should date someone you're proud of, and downing some prune juice. She's a winner.

Hannah, Katie and Ashley are all home on vacation from college and I love any time I get with them. We had dinner together, drove through the Reynold's christmas light show, got ice cream and worked on Top 10 Lists. 

I'm so thankful that these girls have continued to stay so close and that the distance hasn't changed that. I've missed seeing them on a weekly basis this past semester, but I'm confident we'll be in each other's lives for a very long time. 

 We met up with Julia and her cousin McKenna for Vitality Bowls aka the next big thing. They were slightly embarrassed to use a selfie stick but I'm embracing it. Long live group selfies, strawberries and blueberries in your vitality bowl, best friends and doing more.

OH MY GOSH I'M SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS. When I visited Maggie Drake's house earlier this year I got to play with their magnetic USA puzzle on their fridge. Somehow I was never taught America's geography and have been lacking in that area of knowledge my whole life. But I'm the luckiest because Maggie and her mom got me my own USA magnetic puzzle. I pledge to practice till I get it down. Geography has never been so fun. 

Emma and I went to watch Mags cheer at the Zionsville game before we met up with Cal Pal for a little reunion. These kids are the greatest. I love that we don't live that far apart. They've become some of the main characters of my year.

Usually as a counselor I don't get to see my campers regularly during the year because of the distance. I'm so glad these two are an exception. 

 My December Happy Mail from A Beautiful Mess arrived! This subscription is still one of my favorite gifts ever. I need to get busy sending out some mail to my friends near and far. Wouldn't you want to get one of these letters in the mail?

Megan Freaking Cook. I just love you my friend. Today we finished putting together her new book shelf, worked on Top 10 Lists, talked about all the important things and just loved getting to hang out for so long. She is a phenomenon.

Megan ended up coming with me on my next adventure and we played with Chloe Green.

And the party continued when we met up with Rachel Phillips at Pizza Hut for a late night dinner and more Top 10 Lists.

These three are ridiculous and amazing and smart and funny and wise and I never have enough time with them. I love knowing what they're thinking, getting challenged by them and doing life together.

Have you noticed a lot of Top 10 Lists lately? It's one of my favorite traditions this time of year. If you want to play along you can make your own lists too...

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Honorable Mention Blog Titles:
"It's like a vampire compelled me to go to a college in NY."  "That is really cool... I think that might be God."
"I already got out of my comfort zone. I'm using a new face wash now."

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