Friday, December 18, 2015

Twas the night before the reunion...

Twas the night before the reunion and all through the midwest,
the CILTs were all traveling, they were done with their tests.
The Royals were playing on the court with finesse,
shooting against the tigers they proved they were best.

The students were screaming all snug in the stands,
I saw students and Young Lifers, I'm their biggest of fans. 
Kegs in her jersey and I with my scrunchie,
had just finished the semester, now ready for vaca.

Tomorrow's the day when wishes all come true,
back at Tecumseh you'll find Sessions 1, 3 and 2.
Running to their friends, they flew like a flash,
screaming and hugging, their joy spread super fast.

New friends and old, finally reunited at last,
Their hearts knit together with memories of past.
With only 25 hours they lived it up right,
"Merry reunion to all, and to all a good night."

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