Thursday, December 10, 2015

"Instagram is your love language."

The FBC gang is crazy. Today two groups of girls plotted a way to sweet talk Mr. Brown into hopefully putting them on the same bus/plane for the Washington DC trip. Olivia wrote a letter in Yoda speak, Sarah drew a picture of all of them on a bus, Brooklyn and Emily worked on mini bracelets color coordinated to Star Wars. They're all crossing their fingers.

Brookie had the most fun with the stockpile rings from Sarah Woodward and Hadley Hendricks. She made a mega bracelets, wore them like earrings, put them on her head like a veil and gave them all her expert approval. Brookie is one of the queens of FBC but it cracks me up that I never see her working on a bracelet at FBC. 

Every summer I lead cabins of girls at both Wyld Life and Young Life camp. We always have great hopes of coming back home and getting back together again. But life gets busy and sports and school and work happen and somehow those reunions never happen. Last week I texted our cabin and said, "Ok, Thursday or Friday? We'll never all be there so we'll go with the day the most people can come." Then by some kind of CHRISTMAS MIRACLE every single kid was free on Thursday. Unfortunately my co-leader Kylee couldn't make it and we all missed her. 

We devoured pizza and exchanged white elephant gifts. Some of the most memorable gifts included a new nightgown for Sam, a Santa costume for Kara, scrunchies and applesauce for Chloe, a snow globe with Julia's face in it for Genna and reindeer car decorations for Kegley. 

We all got to share something that's been a big change in our life in the past semester and something from camp that has stuck with us. I love when we get to get past the small talk and spend time talking about all the stuff that really matters. I love these girls and their hearts. Each of them are living a great story and it's one of my favorite things to get to be part of it.

 Today was also a really hard day for so many people that I love. They lost a dear friend unexpectedly and far too early in her life. At times like this it's so hard to know how to help the people you care about that are hurting. These are two things that help me a lot: this blog post by Jen Hatmaker and this short video from Rob Bell

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