Wednesday, December 2, 2015

"We're basically releasing a Taylor Swift album right now."

Before the kids arrive to Wyld Life, the HS and adult leaders gather around the table to eat dinner, talk through the lesson and catch up. It's something I always look forward to. Once the kids arrive, my attention is on the 7th and 8th graders, but for the start of the night we get to live life focused on each other. I love that Jake, Ben, Jacob and Zach all showed up to be with the Junior High guys tonight. I'm thankful for KCraig--someone who is passionate about creating Campaigners lessons for these kids, who is investing in these leaders, who points us back to Jesus.

We tried something new tonight to mix up the kids between groups and even out the group sizes but still let them be with their friends at the same time. I think it ended up working well for everyone. I was so happy to get to hang out with 7th and 8th graders Carly, Hailey, Hadley, Sydney, Blythe, Grace, Lauren, Claire, Brynn, Marcella, Jordan and Laura. We laughed and talked and asked questions and it was so, so good. These girls are great humans and I love spending time with them.

Tonight I got to lead alongside Genna, Julia, Anne and Rachel. They're people who bring Christ in my life with their love, their stories of hope, their examples of whimsy and trust and joy. I'm better for knowing them. I'm proud of them and can confidently encourage the Junior High girls to look up to them as role models.

Today Brookie passed me a note near the end of the day at school. "I got bored in Social Studies so I wrote you a poem," she told me. And in multiple colors of neon pen I read the most awesome poem. Here are a few of the lines:

"Your bracelet skills are off the chart,
When I received yours it warmed my heart.
You are an inspiration,
You're sweeter than candy from a gas station.
You are nice to everyone,
You're way better than going on a run."

I've been reading Drew Barrymore's memoir Wildflower and just finished it today. It was even better than I expected. Each chapter is a different story--auditioning for ET and befriending Steven Spielberg, going on a cruise and jumping off the ship, meeting Adam Sandler and partnering in three movies, learning to do laundry and living on her own at the age of 14. I learned so much more about her than I expected and wound up wanting to be her friend. It's funny and smart and interesting and just so good. Worth the read.

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