Monday, December 14, 2015

Dear Miss Wright

At the end of each semester my students spend a day writing a letter to one of their favorite teachers. I get to deliver their letters to all of the other teachers in the school and I love how excited they get to read what their students have written about them. After five months together these kids can still surprise us with what they think and remember. I wanted to share some of the funny and interesting things some of my students wrote about me.

I will never forget your love for Diet Coke and Camp Tecumseh. Friendship Bracelet Club and Wyld Life are the highlights of my week. Mia will no longer be called Mia, but instead Libby-Grace. I have never heard someone not be excited to be in your class. -Evie

You really can pass for any age because you have a youthful attitude. I feel like you can be 18, 16 or even 13 years old. I will never forget the time when you left a note in my locker. It was such a surprise and made me feel so good inside. At first I thought you stuck the note through the hoes on the outside of my lock, but then I realized we do not have any holes in our lockers. You are very sneaky! -Jordan

You can make friendship bracelets without even looking. Now that is impressive! The most I know how to do is eat while reading. My biggest problem is walking in a store and not paying attention to my surroundings. -Alex

Your bracelet making skills are the best skills that I have ever seen in my whole entire life. I had no desire to even pick up friendship bracelet string until Camp Tecumseh and now I love making them, even though I am not very good. Thank you for all that you do for this school and for me. -Ellison

I will never forget the day when you welcomed me during my first time at Wyld Life this year. You inspire me in and out of school. My favorite thing we did this year was watching the video where the guy was so excited about the train and talking about how it must feel to love something that much. -Olivia

You are the most lively, energetic and funny teacher that I have ever had. You have us do the most fun assignments. I love how you are able to connect with your students, to the point where you end up forming great friendships.I wish Comp lasted a whole school year because no matter how bad my day has gone, I know I can walk in room 10 and have a great time. -Ryan, p.s. I wrote this letter the Wright Way

After Meet The Teacher Night my parents came home and said, "Is Miss Wright fun because it seems like she would be?" I how how you get steps in, drink Diet Coke and make friendship bracelets. You taught us that being different is good and you do not have to be like everyone else. I'm lucky I got you 5th period because that's the longest class. -Paige

You are different because you are there for us when we need you and you show us how to be bold. You can be friends with anyone no matter who they are. FBC is my favorite because I love making bracelets and hanging out with friends that I don't always get to talk to a lot. At Wyld Life you have taught me how to be a better Christian and how to have fun in life. -Brynn

You are a different teacher in a good way, you make class fun and are great at what you do. I am going to miss English Comp because I am not going to be able to make bracelets while I watch CNN anymore. -Meredith

I have never really enjoyed writing before your class and now I love it. I actually sat down at home the other day and wrote a poem for my mom. I can barely make it through the day on Thursday knowing I have FBC to look forward to. Jamming to Justin Bieber and knotting like crazy is the best. I will never forget the day when you gave me a bracelet. I was overflowing with excitement and joy! I love your passion for Camp Tecumseh and God. When we were at camp I saw the real you. But what I love most about you is that you are always the real you! There is no "fake" Miss Wright. I want you to know that you are so loved. -Claire

You never fail to brighten my morning and you are probably the most chill teacher here. -Vevina

Your Instagram page is so inspiring. That you for being a person that is always a Putter Upper and never a Debby Downer. Thank you for being different from the rest and not afraid to be unique. I loved your stories like when you rode your bike in school or when you made a soccer club and never played soccer. Thank you for allowing kids from other schools an opportunity to come to FBC because a lot of people wish it was at their school. Thank you for being outstanding and not a strict like old lady teacher. -Brookie Cookie

I'll never forget pajama day when you let us do our 10 Minute Write outside. I also get really excited when we have to play the clean up game for some reason. I usually don't find cleaning fun but I actually enjoy it in your room. I think it's cool how you have Friendship Bracelet Club and a special connection with lots of students. -Sara

You taught me how important friendship is and how to keep your friends close. You also taught me being different is not bad, it is actually good. I used to think bracelets took too long but now I am making friendship bracelets left and right! I love seeing the smile on people's faces when I tie the last knot around their wrist. I'm the luckiest girl to have a teacher like you. -Kylie

Thank you for teaching me that everyone can be a hero. Remember when Mrs. Feldman snuck in? She was sitting right next to me and I was trying not to laugh. I was smiling the whole time it was happening. You are probably the coolest teacher right next to Ms. Trulock. You both are super crazy and it's so funny. -Jolie

If I could wish for one thing it would be to make this class all year long. Students of my generation tend to forget the importance of writing and I am glad we have a teacher like you who can help us understand it. You comforted me when I did not want to leave Camp T and introduced me to Wyld Life. I want to be a teacher and role model like you when I grow up. I mean, what kind of teacher wears track shorts, tank tops and scrunchies to school? I can tell you right now: the best kind. I can tell you right now, FBC is going to be part of my heaven. -Molly

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