Saturday, December 12, 2015

"I like to put applesauce on my pizza. And on my chicken nuggets." Wyld Life All City Club

Once a year we have an All City Wyld Life Club. The leaders and kids of Noblesville, North Central, Carmel, HSE and Westfield gather together for the largest club of the year. This year we returned to A+ Gymnastics. They have a huge open warehouse room where we can do club first and then we break out to the gymnastics area downstairs to go nuts.

I was excited to run into a Tecumseh kid named Katie. She's so sweet and funny and I immediately remembered her. I'm good friends with her cousins too and one of them was a CILT this past summer.

We started Club with screaming/singing some songs together. With this many people it felt a little more like club at camp.

In honor of Buddy the Elf, some brave friends came upfront to race in eating some Elf Spaghetti.

Meric said there wasn't tomato sauce, but it tasted heavily of syrup and peppermint. Would you be able to eat that?

Santa made an appearance to hand out some presents.

We had a Q-tip war, maybe the closest thing we'll get to snow ball fight this very warm winter.

Then finally we let the kids go downstairs and go crazy on all of the equipment. Some of them have a gymnastics background and I was so impressed with their skills.

I love getting to lead alongside Julia (and Allison, Rachel and Jake) this year. We hung out with our friend Jessica. (This is actually Julia and Jessica impersonating each other.)

Rachel got to be a flyer and we threw Marcella up in the air too. 

Leaders have mad hand stand tricks...

balance beam tricks...

hanging from the bar tricks...

I loved watching Brynn, Claire, Molly and Marni run around together. All four of these girls are so talented and they had so much fun with each other tonight.

After Club finished Julia, Rachel, four 8th grade girls and our Carmel leader friends all went to Steak n' Shake. Nothing beats late night fries and shakes.

I love Allie Wier--she's a gem. And we love our friends Mylene and Pitz from Work Crew weekend.

I love Sydney, Mer, Lauren and Sarah, our four 8th grade girls, and living life together. It was a very late and a very great night.

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