Wednesday, December 16, 2015

"I thought I was a vampire for four years."

Today happened to be Twin Day at the Fall Creek Clubhouse which was super convenient since about 100 girls were all wearing their new FBC shirt. I loved spotting the bracelet flag in every single class, walking down the hall and in the cafeteria. It's an FBC nation. 

I really love McKenna and Brookie Cookie...

Claire, Paige and Brynn. Such friendship braceleting rock stars.

Tonight Wyld Life got it's turn at the HTC Rink and this time I got out on the ice to skate with all of our kids. We might not have a future at the Olympics, but we definitely had a blast.

I love hanging out with Sarah Woodward, laughing with Rachel Phillips, reuniting with Natty B and living life with KCraig and Mer. These are my people.

Want to know an exciting secret? Today is a very special day. I have officially finished my stockpile for Summer 2016-- a total of 200 bracelets ready to be tied around the wrists of friends at Tecumseh, Timber Wolf and Wilderness. We're going to have some pretty good looking wrists.

Now that the camp bracelets are finished, all the rest I make this year can be given out to friends at the Clubhouse, Wyld Life and Young Life. I'll be throwing out bracelets like they're confetti.

 Honorable Mention Blog Title:
"I'm all about a hug sometimes when it's appropriate but that's as much as I ever want."

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