Sunday, December 13, 2015

"I know the universe should just always be about me, so..."

Having Haleigh Devoe as a Cadet Teacher has been one of the best parts of this semester. I love seeing her get to my students and having two hours together (almost) every single day. I can still picture Haleigh as a 7th grader in my class so many years ago and know my life would be so different if our lives hadn't crossed paths. Today we got to come up with the ABCs of cadet teaching with some help from some of our 7th period girls.

Ellyn is having a Treventure for a week while Tre's family is in England. They're basically best friends so they're both pretty happy about the arrangement. Friday night Molly Brunner and I met up with Ellyn and Tre at Mellow Mushroom (Tecumseh's Unofficial Pizza Place) for dinner. Mellow has gone corporate and has changed all of their plates to plain white. It's an understatement to say we're not thrilled about the change. Luckily, the manager let Ellyn buy some of the old tie-dye plates for only $1 each!

Saturday afternoon I got to reunite with Megan Cook. We finally ate some sushi together, her favorite, and talked about life and family and Wilderness. I'm so thankful for Cookie-- her honesty even when we disagree, her new vegan lifestyle, her boxing hobby and the way she strives to live being authentically herself.

Saturday night our Wyld Life crew headed to A+ Gymnastics for the All City Wyld Life Club. It's was wyld and crazy and just about the most fun you can have with 300 kids, a foam pit, balance beams and a trampoline.

After church on Sunday, Julia, Olivia Phillips and I met up with Carly, Hailey and Jordan for a lunch date. I've loved watching Julia get to know Wyld Life girls this year and pursue friendship with them. This group of silly, sweet friends is split between three different Junior Highs so this lunch was a reunion of sorts for them too. Life is always better lived together.

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