Tuesday, December 1, 2015

"If I was pooping in Theta and I saw your face I would poop even more."

After years of adventuring and exploring and hiking in Colorado, Arielle and Wolf Dancer have finally moved back to the Promised Land aka Indianapolis. I'm more than elated to have one of my best friends so close. They moved into their house in the last few days and Ellyn and I got to check it out tonight. We showed up with a house warming gift, got the full tour and laughed and told stories around the kitchen table. Life is better together. 

Top 10 Memories with Arielle:
1. Co-owing the Camp Cookie Company-- we made and sold cookies to camp families out of our wagon
2. After the Optimist Challenge was built Arielle and I would meet their after school and I would make her race me over and over again
3. Knowing every word to all of the Barlow Girl, Stellar Kart, Relient K and Superchick songs growing up
4. Running cross country together in HS for one year and sticking together even though she was so much faster than me
5. Showing up at her door in Colorado with Smoon and Ellyn
6. Creating an activity for our Blazer girls that was inspired by the horcruxes from Harry Potter where we hid icecream sundae supplies all over camp for our girls to find
7. Discovering a secret room at camp, making it our Clubhouse and then letting Ellyn and Smoon be part of it our summer of CILTs
8. While growing up you could usually find us watching Mary Kate & Ashley movies at my house, eating pizza and grapes, and french braiding Arielle's curly hair
9. Spending Spring Break together in Orlando at Disney Quest or Islands of Adventure
10. Three summers of living the CILT counselor dream together

Honorable Mention Blog Title:
"One day your closet with your Diet Coke was slightly open and everyone wanted me to shake all of the cans."
"I looked up the Top 10 jobs where you can get the most steps and wrote them down for you."

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