Thursday, December 17, 2015

"Did you take any pics of us? How are people going to know we hung out?"

Highs of the Day:

1. For Dress Like A Teacher Day Mrs. Hauser gets an A+ for copying me so perfectly from the scrunchie to FBC and socks over her leggings. I'm so thankful for this teacher friend. 

2. So many little Miss Wrights in the hallway today-- I've never seen so many scrunchies. Mer is me on No Pants Wednesday.

 3. Since Ash and Katie are home from school they surprised me at school with a lunch date in my room. I love having special guests.

4. FBC with the crew. These girls are the main characters of life at the Clubhouse and I love hanging out with them. Bracelets and silliness and such kind hearts.

5. This text from Lulu. Hilarious.

 6. A dinner date with Maddie and Cami since they're not worried about studying for the rest of their finals. Napolese was delicious and we got to surprise Molly in Athleta.

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