Wednesday, June 7, 2017

"Everyone got their Party Pants on?"

To put it mildly, Partner Pairings is the most exciting part of the Staff Training week. In a flurry of organized chaos, the entire overnight counselor staff is sorted into their villages, units and cabins with their partners. Every year, this important news happens in a different way.

This year J started with a game of Simon Says that he pretended was just a way to stall for time. Simon had everyone put their name tag on their back and put their heads down. It was a giant game of Heads Up 7 Up. Two people's thumbs would be pushed down and then they could jump up when the volume turned all the way up. They both would run to the stage, unite in a fit of joy and friendship, then push the easy button to reveal their cabin and unit. 

I couldn't believe it when I found out Ellyn and I are going to be living together all summer. I think we'll make a great pair. PLUS we get to live in Choctaw with the CILTs-- I've always wanted to do that.

All the CILT counselors actually knew where we would live and who we'd be partners with before Partner Pairings but we were still pumped about the rest of camp. The 8 of us can't wait to live, work, play and wear party pants together this summer. What a time to be a live.

Katie and Kristin are in Abnaki. Mike and Sean are in the Kiva.

 Grace and Brittany are in Hopi.

 Ellyn and I are in Choctaw.

Besides partner pairings there are so many other good things going on around here this week. We get to start every single day with chapel-- which means entrance to chapel pictures with all the pals.

These words are making me so excited about spending the next 6 weeks with CILTs talking about leadership, collaboration, servanthood, self-awareness and faith.

I STARTED TO GET MAIL!!! Huge shout-outs to my pen pals Smelko, Annie and Jayne. 

We spent the morning learning about DLP-ing with the legend himself Michael Brandwein.

Women's Journey started with bubbles...

went to a brand new beautiful location... 

facilitated conversations about how God has been at work in the past, in the present and the future of our lives...

took us to South Pasture with Renee and Katrina and ended with prayer. It may have been my favorite Women's Journey of all time. 

 There are two days left of Staff Training 2017 and we're so excited for our campers to arrive. CILTies-- I can't wait to hang out with you at our favorite place on Earth.

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