Thursday, June 15, 2017

"That's why we're only allowed to go to 7-eleven once a month."

Sometimes you just have to run into chapel because you're so excited to get to the best part of the day. 

Thursday of week 1 is one of my favorite CILT mornings. Tom joins our pack for the day to help us grow in both self-awareness and servanthood. First we go through the results of the 16 Personalities Test we took last night. We use the whole chapel as a spectrum and spread out to see where we each end up compared to one another. 

After spending nearly five days together, it's so interesting to see where people gravitate and who is similar to one another. The kids try to predict where the counselors will fall on the spectrum too.

Sean and I are both ESFJ-A and this session we have the same five letter combination as Sarah, Ellie and Jane. It's fascinating how the letter combination can tell us so much about what we have in common and at the same time we're each still incredibly unique people.

We put on long pants, long sleeves and hats to head out into the Oak Forest. The Week 2 storm last summer did significant damage that will take a very long time to rebuilt. This summer, all 3 Sessions of CILTs will get to help with that process.

Mike, 15 of the CILTs and I spent our time hauling logs from a huge pile across the creek and down the path. Later, these logs will be used to line the trails to help prevent erosion. It was sweaty, dirty, tiring, hot work.

Through the mud, sweat and uncomfortableness these kids kept their spirits up and never quit.

I saw so much grit, positivity, endurance and teamwork amongst these kids today. I'm so proud of them and thankful that we get to be in this together.

THE MAIL IS ROLLING IN AND I LOVE IT!!! Today's mail appreciation goes out to my girls Brookie, Ellen, Jillian and Tanner.

I love the walk up to the Richard G after rest hour when all the cabins roll in, ready to get in the water.

BREAKING NEWS!!! They're building steps to go up the hill beside the Arrow slide. I'll keep you updated on the progress.

Lake time was a blur of clay digging in the shallow end, kayaking, blobbing, Saturning, wet willy-ing and canoeing. This is one of the prime opportunities for me to see almost every single CILT at once having a blast with their adopted campers.

This is where the magic happens.

The rest of the afternoon I was everywhere I could have possibly gone...

Hit up a Brave girl tea party...

Watched the Blazers apply their war paint...

Avoided getting covered in slime at a mud hike...

Cheered on the Blazers as they played 4-Team Capture the Flag...

After two days of rain, we were all ecstatic to get to play outside the entire day. I can hardly believe that tomorrow is already Friday. This week is flying-- probably because we've been having so much fun.

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