Monday, June 12, 2017

"Wow, now I really feel like I'm a CILT."

Summer camp is just the best-- roll out of your bunk in the morning to find 35 more friends waking up in the Longhouse. Head to breakfast for some pancakes, bacon and strawnana yogurt. Sing at the Green Cathedral in chapel with all of River Village while the sun shines through the trees. 

If you're a CILT... go learn names, talk about leadership, the CILT mission statement and adopted cabins. Draw and share life maps to get to know one another real quick. 

When the hopper bell rings for lunch everyone hangs out around flagpole. I spotted some Brave girls working very diligently on their gymp knots from this morning.

The HSE Riv kid girl gang is here this week-- we're always on the look out for each other. Hanging out with these smiling faces was easily a highlight of my day.

Hang out with CILT girls like Shub and Grace who couldn't be more excited to be back at Tecumseh for two whole weeks.

At the pool I went off the low dives three times with my HSE gal pals and their CILTs right away. Then I bopped around both pools looking for CILTs hanging out with their brand-new adopted campers.

These kids have flips and dives that are so impressive.

I saw games, swim lessons, piggy bag rides and splashers.

Two most entertaining pictures of swim time:

p.s. This is Alexis aka Queen of the Pool.




I got to hang out with Bailey at the mini farm.

A butterfly landed on Ellyn, he stayed for at least 10 minutes and we named him Jeff.

A crew of wandering Brave girls on a Nature Hike got some excellent photos of Jeff before he flew away.

We popped on over to a campetition going on at Archery and Ellyn ran into two of her fav guys from Rocketry clinic years ago.

J challenged Ellyn and I to a pickleball game. He may have won, but let's all remember that we're getting paid for this. I think it's a win-win situation.

One of my favorite parts of every day in the Riv is Trading Post. CILTies got their neon hats tonight and suddenly main field was a sea of green.

Kensey blew Jelly Belly bubbles right into Cecilia's mouth.

Grace found two 4-leaf clovers and ate one for extra good luck. 

And I got to spend the rest of the night with the CILT crew watching TED talks, finishing Life Maps and knocking out the CILT cheer all in one night. It was truly a magical day. 

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