Friday, June 16, 2017


I'd hang out with Ellyn and Kristin all day every day if I could. 

Servanthood looked a little different this morning when we went to visit residents at a nursing home in Delphi. We were so proud of our kids as they spent time getting to know people, asking questions and sharing our Tecumseh culture. For some CILTs, this is completely out of their comfort zone and often they learn the most from the experience.  

Back in the Riv we had time to play Fishbowl before lunch. A small group of CILTs did the initial planning for their weekend chapel with Sean and Grace so that tomorrow they can jump right into the practicing of all the parts.

I don't think anyone would disagree that Fridays are the best day during the week at camp. On Fridays everything feels extra exciting and special. It's even better for CILTs because we ALL get to stay for another week. I'm so glad I've got more time with girls like Brooke, Katie, Maggie, Grace and Jane.

Ellen and Gummy are two girls that I've loved getting to know this session because I've been a counselor for their older sisters. Now I've got this opportunity to really get to know them and see how awesome they are on their own.

Friendship Bracelet Club Friday for the win-- there are so many professional bracelet makers in this session.

I've said it before and I'll say it again-- I have the best job in the world. I love that I get to hang out with girls like Maggie, Ellen, Carolyn, Cecilia, Emily and Sarah all summer long.

Week one continues to be so special because of the mob of kids from HSE in the Riv. Today I put stickers on their faces and asked them to take care of this balloon all day long. Next week I will miss hearing Bailey yell, "IS THAT SARAH WRIGHT?!" from across Main Field every time she spots me.

For the second time this week, we got to eat lunch with all the Day Camp counselors who are here for Staff Training. It's the best kind of reunion when they all come around. Now we're at the point when they've made new friends (different years and different sessions) and I love to see their new pals.

Shreya made my day and gave me a new friendship bracelet and told me she learned how to read patterns. Emma told me weird stories because that's what she does. Carolyn and Kristin are the kind of people you can always count on to make you smile.

I hit up the bunny circle at the mini farm...

got kids to go down the VORTEX!!!!!

played in the pool...

saw Ellyn with her BRAND NEW TECUMSEH SOCIETY BOX!!!! You can get one too!

saw Cheetoh Head in action...

Theme Dinner: Super Hero
Sarah and Jane's super heroes are their moms.

We had all kind of pairs of super heroes together in the Longhouse.

Abby Bien is our Super Hero. Seriously, she's the greatest. I'm such a fan of her and so glad that she'll be here all summer with Day Camp.

CILT family. Best family.

Sarah and Ellyn's daily pics Abby Bien edition.



After 9 years of wearing brown, because everyone looks good in brown, we did something crazy and changed the official CILT color to grey.

Sarah Ryan and Chrissy Crowe back together-- this was a beautiful reunion. 

CILT family. Best family.

The week 1 Warrior girls are full of spunk and quirkiness.

I love Closing Campfire.
I love seeing Day Camp counselors.
I love party pants.

I love clinic performances.
I love a sea of unit t-shirts.
I love all of camp being together in the same place.

I love traditions like the Buffalo Queen.
I love Jess and Kayla.
I love singing Tecumseh.

I love that none of the CILTs are leaving and we still have a whole week together.
I love that tonight we're having a CILT girl sleep out.
I love the Lang family (and I'm so glad they're back).

I'm so thankful for all the amazing photos that our media take every single day. Here are the CILTiest from tonight:

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