Thursday, June 29, 2017

"We met the Mayor of Camp Tecumseh. And his boss. The Mayor is a servant sooooo...."

Super speed blogging...

Personality profiles in the Green Cathedral

Pulling weeds around baby Pine trees in the Pine Forest

Being weed-pulling-partners with Katie all morning

 Being a counselor with Lizzie again

The Arrow stairs are finished!!!!!

High of the day: Lake time with our new best 8-year-old friends Leo and Zach

Introducing Leo and Zach to the Mayor and his boss

Paddling double kayaks with our best friends 

Zach caught a butterfly and Tanner played me songs she wrote about camp


Ellyn cooked burgers for the LV

Leo, Zach and Jack went to squish their faces against the Mayor's office and saw his Master Plan

Katie got her first Chaco Taco of the summer

CILTs planned songs for tomorrow morning

CILTs through water balloons

CILTs had a dance party

Ellyn and Lizzie had the best time ever

 Honorable Mention Blog Titles:
"Don't ask about my ears later."
"Why do I feel like this is college in a nutshell."
"Ugh. It smells awful. But it's not you. You smell perfect."

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