Saturday, June 24, 2017

"If I'm facing this way than North is in front of me. Your North is different because you're facing that way."

As far as friendships go, I admire this one between Sarah Ryan and Lauren. I love how they take care of one another, cheer one another on and support one another being 100% themselves. 

This morning was a camp classic: Enoch.

Did you know I get to live with Enoch? I'm the luckiest.

Saturday mornings are all about good-byes. Honestly, I used to have such a harder time saying good-bye to campers at the end of each Session, but I've learned that people who want to stay in touch will make it happen. You can be present in people's lives even when they live miles and miles away.

There was an epic reunion this morning when I got to spend time with BOTH Fazzio sisters and BOTH Odle sisters. Lives overlap my friends, lives overlap.

Session 1 CILTs-- thank you for the past two weeks. I have loved getting to know you, see you in action, and live the dream with you. I'm so proud of how you've grown and have such faith in all that you will do.

I miss you all already. We'll stay in touch my friends. Can't wait to see you in December.

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