Monday, June 26, 2017

"I've been waiting to ask you that for a month."

Week 3 has arrived my friends. I'm so thankful for mornings like this. 

We spent the morning learning names, sharing Life Maps, talking about adopted cabins and going over the mission of CILTs.

We love new CILT girls, we love counselor friends, we love when it's chilly enough to wear our favorite long sleeves.

IT'S OFFICIAL! I finished a 5-string twist and Adam has officially approved my membership in the GLA. As the 4th member of the GLA I'd like to thank the gympers who came before me, the patient counselors who taught me to start my own gymp and Ellyn for helping my gymp supply.

Liz did her swim check at the pool in her new Australian swimsuit.

Then she immediately went down the VORTEX!!!!!!!

CILTies found kids to play with for the first swim time of their Session.

ELJ and Alexis crack me up and are two of my fav people at this camp. Here are their signature poses:

We took a trip to the Nature Center to visit Brother Nature and hold some turtles, lizards and a dragon.

This week my friends Taylor and Sarah are here-- they'll both be at the Clubhouse with me in the Fall.

At the Mini Farm Liz held a new baby pig and then Tanner and Jillian picked up a baby goat. Dreams come true at this place.

Tonight the CILT Pack watched TED talks, worked on their cheer and then played three of my favorite games: Protect the President, Tackle Tag and Cups.

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