Wednesday, June 28, 2017

"I'm not competitive in many things besides cards and laser tag."

We did something new with the CILTs this morning. It involved a woman who was pregnant with twins, tin foil and fire starters, 35 puzzle pieces and a dozen blindfolds. 

The most valuable part of any activity is the conversation that follows. I've learned that it's so important to process what just happened and to learn from other's observations.

Half of the CILT girls are representing Wolf Shirt Wednesday this week. It's a lifestyle.

We made it back to the Riv in time to hang out before lunch. I got to meet some new friendship braceleters in Catawba cabin.

Adam beat Liz in checkers AND got his blue band today.

I played Empire in the LV and found out the HAYLI IS HERE! This little girl has a huge chunk of my heart and I was so sad when she wasn't at camp last year. I was so excited to see her today that I almost cried. I got back to the RV right when the Compassion Carnival ended, saw Nick and headed to the pool with all of the Braves and Blazers. 


Tecumseh is all about the people-- friendships and connections that make this place so special.

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