Wednesday, June 14, 2017

"We always need an elderly person to tell us what to do. Elderly people are the best."

BEST BREAKFAST OF OUR LIVES: wolf shirts, strawberries and blueberries are back, baked oatmeal, Greek yogurt and matching rain coats (which are hidden behind us).

I'm going to go ahead and call the first Wolf Shirt Wednesday of the summer a smashing success. Did you know Ellyn brought WSW to Tecumseh?

The Riv sang a killer line up at chapel this morning including When The Fight Calls, The Servant Song, Fix My Eyes and Blessed Be Your Name. The Green Cathedral has been my favorite place to sing to God since I can first remember. I love that all of our days at camp start just like this.

There are always changes to the CILT program because we want to continually be making this experience better. This morning we implemented two of those changes.

First, we've got families. Each counselor has 8 campers (two from each cabin) that they'll work in a small group with a handful of times during the session. We want to intentionally grow closer in small groups while we're also working as a team of 45.

Change number two of the day is a new activity called Gritness. I can't reveal all of the secrets, but we're pretty pumped about how our trial run went this morning.

We played with our kids before lunch and then packed the Party Room with all of the CILTs and Day Camp counselors here for training. Tecumseh thrives on chaos and community.

The Carnival came to town after Rest Hour. Sean and Mike have officially become River Village fans and they're loving life. 

I'm thrilled that our girl Jasmine is back for the summer- this time on the media team. Camp wouldn't have been the same without her spunk and love.

Nikki Lanigan Jones is my girl. I'm so glad that I get to see her so much more often now that she's on overnight staff. She makes camp so much better.

I love walking around during the carnival and seeing all the CILTs and campers having fun together.

Most spirited photos of the day:

 There's never a bad time to read a book, am I right?

Kevin is a Tecumseh veteran and rumor has it he might be in my class in the fall-- we're pretty pumped about it.

I found a double use for the new Bananagram pieces that we're pretty excited about.

This is Kristin. She loves tea. She's one of the funniest people you'll ever meet. She's the inclusion specialist at Tecumseh this summer. She makes life better. She's allergic to garlic, soy, turkey, papaya, mango, a handful of medicines and a whole slew of other things. 

She also gets to ride a bike this summer.

It's raining at Tecumseh again for the second night in a row-- it's a change of plans and lots of creative counseling for the counselors. I got to watch some cabins play Running Charades in the Party Room and I'm so confident in Taylor Fischl's future classroom management skills as a teacher.

Brave girls had cabin rotation stations going-- hair and nails, Father's Day cards and Brazilian dance. Rainy days can be some of the best days.

The night ended with the CILTies-- taking Myers-Briggs tests for tomorrow, hanging out in the Longhouse and doing devotions together. Every day is different and there's always a long list of things to be thankful for each night. 

Honorable Mention Blog Title:
"Alright, back to the drawing board." "...Where's the drawing board?" "It's a figure of speech." "Oh."

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