Thursday, June 22, 2017

"I think I have a tear in my eye I'm so happy-- we're doing our grocery shopping while our dinner is cooking. This couldn't be more efficient."

Walking into chapel like...

Kendall is here for three whole weeks and I'm just pumped about it. Since she's on crutches she always gets to all camp chapel early and we get to chat a bit before everyone else rolls in. 

Look at all those steps!!!!

This morning the CILTs hike the Man Hike Trail, we couldn't get all the way through to the Gish, and boy did we have fun.

We climbed over logs, sunk in mud and hiked up a hill. Though we were dirty, we were mighty.

Sean was the MVP of the morning. When Grace lost her croc in a mud pit, Sean went in after it. He had his arms in the mud past his elbows trying to find her lost shoe.

Safe and sound back in the Riv, we did Human Barometer together for the last time this Session. It's such a valuable piece of what we do and I hope that we each realize something we can work on immediately. I also hope it helps us keep the mindset that what we do matters, that others notice and that we can always improve.

We got some quality Lulu hang out time in before lunch this morning when all the Riv kids returned from clinics.

Got some quality shallow end time in at the Richard G this afternoon. Nothing like scoopin' sand, finding rocks and digging out clay, am I right?

This is Lorena. She turned 12 yesterday. She's going to be in the Clubhouse next year and we're pumped about it.

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