Thursday, March 3, 2011

"Although I have a blast every vacation, there is one that stands out in my mind like zits on a teenager's face."

I got to school this morning feeling exhausted and had a (lack of) caffeine headache by 8:30 but I drank some coffee and it turned into a really great day.

We finished ISTEP, at least for this week, and a boy suggested we played Silent Ball. Everyone enthusiastically agreed and 25 seventh graders voluntarily stayed completely silent while they passed a squishy ball around the circle. 

Have you tried to keep 25 seventh graders quiet when they're allowed to talk? 

This was magical. I want to play Silent Ball a lot more often.

Today in my class we looked at stories from the Freedom Writers as we discussed personal narratives. My students engaged in conversations about the fairness of being homeless, how your words can positively impact someone else, changing your life after mistakes, accepting people different than them, and why it's important to share your story. Today I loved being a teacher and getting my students to think about these ideas.

FBC is always a highlight of the week and today was no exception. A new memory game was a hit and then we introduced the impressive letter bracelet that spells words. The girls literally ran across the room pulling out string from the spools for their long piece and then colored out patterns for the knots of each letter. 

As they were working, two girls were doing the dougie and the jerk. I told them that they needed to add the bernie to their dance repertoire and demonstrated the move. A few minutes later Shelby ran over to me, "Miss Wright! We just figured out the jernie. It's the jerk and the bernie together." All the girls demonstrated and I really think they're onto something. The jernie is going to be huge. 

Wyld Life club tonight was Go Bananas! theme. Lots of yellow, the Banana Salute song, a banana eating contest, guest appearances by a gorilla, and a Just Dance 2 medley competition.

I love when we sing The World's Greatest, No One, and Lay My Burdens Down.

High School leaders are in charge of the small groups at the end but I stepped in tonight because a few couldn't be there. We talked about God having a plan for where we are and how you can trust God in your decisions.

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