Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy Monday everyone

Remember the old TV show Trading Spaces? For the next six weeks I'm playing Trading Classrooms. Because of laptops for ISTEP I'm now switching rooms with one of our English teachers until the first week of May. So all of my posters, decorations, books, and life stayed behind and I took a box of everyday kind of supplies and my favorite stool down the hall today. It was kind of strange but fun to do something different.

After school I got to Skype with Mags. I really love this girl and her questions and stories and how she's gets so excited about things. I can't wait to work with her this summer.

At the beginning of leadership I asked David if he would help me with something. After making sure he wouldn't have to lift anything heavy, I don't know why he asked that, he agreed to go with me to put air in my tires. I'm against gender stereotyping but still felt the necessity to have a guy come along even though I ended up knowing more about the process than David.

Loved laughing at leadership. Loved singing at Campaigners. Love sitting and talking to Sar and Jenna right now.

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