Saturday, March 12, 2011

I've missed them

This morning I took a trip to Barnes & Noble to get a copy of the new Jodi Picoult book. Sitting with a vanilla latte and blueberry muffin, I enjoyed my renewed weekend love of reading. Told from multiple perspectives it reminds me of the braided essays we've been writing. I already love the main character Zoe and just want to keep reading, which I will do after this post.

Lizzie and Ellie came home from IU and Dennison before heading to FL on Spring Break so we met up for lunch at 5 Guys. I hadn't seen them since summer camp ended so we had so many stories to tell. Some funny, some sad, some honest, and some entertaining. 

I first had these girls as campers in Mingo in 2006, then again in Teton and the Longhouse, and watched them be Day Camper counselors the past two summers. I am thankful they're still in my life today.

In the past couple years as I've watched dozens of campers, friends, and Young Life girls grow up I've thought a lot about how we all change. I think there are actually two ways you can change. 

First I believe change is normal. As you meet more people, experience different parts of life, and face challenges you should grow. To become stronger, wiser, smarter, kinder you must change. You'll change your dreams, your friends, your preferences, maybe you'll come out of your shell or quiet down a bit. I wouldn't expect anyone to be exactly the same from age 5 to 12 to 24 to 36. We all change.

But, here's where the second thought comes in, I think that the core of you doesn't need to change. Lizzie, Ellie and I were talking about when we sat in devotion circles at camp years ago we could see that everyone kind of had the same heart. Everyone believes that kindness should be priority, that God loved them like crazy, that they were full of potential, they had high expectations for themselves, and they could see joy in life. The conversations revealed the core of who these girls were. I don't think that part of you should change. I think if you start out with a heart like that you've got to fight to hold onto that part of yourself no matter what happens. I hope that makes sense.

I think Lizzie and Ellie are two beautiful pictures of women who continue to grow and change as they figure out who they are but have held onto the core of who they are meant to be. 

I broke out the running shoes this afternoon. 

I've missed them. They've seen the elliptical this winter but have really missed the pavement.

It was just so gosh darn beautiful out I had to make a new running play list and then head out in the mid 50 Spring weather. It was cold and it made my ears and jaw hurt really bad and the wind was blowing back at me trying to make me stop and walk and it succeeded a little bit. Still glad I went.

Tonight my friend Colleen Drasga and I got to hang. She gave me a tour of her house first taking care to point out the new couch from Mel's boss, the bible box from Romania, and Valentine decoration's from her mom. We got dinner at Yat's and then went to see Just Go With It. We thought it was hilarious. I love laughing with Colleen- the summer I lived with her held some of the funniest days I've ever had at camp. I'm so glad she lives in Indy instead of Chicago this year.


  1. So fun! And I'm excited that you're reading Sing You Home! So do you have the CD that goes with it? Can you burn me a copy??

  2. This week, during mass one of the priests said "To be perfect is to change often." Love this post.