Friday, March 4, 2011

This weekend I stayed home

I was relieved to take a deep breath today and realize that I didn't have to climb in the car to travel a few hours away but could enjoy a normal weekend.

After school I fixed my computer and then met Molly for dinner. We traded artifacts from our days,

drank Diet Coke, told stories, and laughed like we normally do.

Then I went home and read. The Pioneer Woman has a blog that has a huge fan following. She posted the first 40 chapters of her love saga online before deciding to actually write a book. The story follows Ree from the first night she met Marlboro Man through their first year of marriage.

It was glorious to sit and read tonight. No where to rush off too. I didn't have people I had to go meet up with. There was nothing for me to worry about or a reason to go to bed because I would have to wake up early. Just a full night of a page turning love story that made me wish I could meet a cowboy.

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