Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Miss Wright I won't be at school tomorrow. I'm going to Cabo."

Highs of the day:
1. Talking to Michelle on the phone and hearing her talk about the Sisters from her trip to NYC.
2. When someone in my class tonight said, "Hey friendship bracelet girl... I don't even know your name."
3. Hearing Taylor's voice, filling each other in, asking each other to pray and dreaming big dreams.
4. Texting with Fitzie about plans for next week!
5. Getting the perfect letter from Annie. She knows me so well it's amazing.

Ok, let's see how you did on the game yesterday.

This is our smoke detector. One of the two that went off when we were boiling four pots of water.

Water boiling at the bottom of a pan.

Chik-fil-a chicken tender.

Envelope colored by Saba.

Top of a snow cone machine.

The machine (and Jake) look like this.

Plain white v-neck.

My Spring sweatshirt.

Top of my Steno notebook.

Shirt ready to be tye-dyed.

Did you get them all?

1 comment:

  1. Got everything but the Snow Cone machine. Figured if I saw white fabric, it must be a v-neck. Can't wait to see you Saturday!