Monday, March 21, 2011

Today I...

Today I ran on the Monon. I was still sore from all of the screaming, running, jumping of the reunion and couldn't pass up being outside on such a beautiful day. I love people watching on the Monon and today was no exception. 

I heard about this man last year that was going to ride the entire Monon trail that goes from way up in Westfield all the way South through Indianapolis WHILE playing the guitar to raise money for some charity. Today I thought I could hear guitar music through the Kesha playing on my iPod and all of a sudden I realize I was just passed by the guitar playing bicycle rider!

Today I sat in a circle at leadership and laughed while we introduced everyone. Tyler was joining our group for the night and instead of telling him about ourselves the traditional way we all chimed in and told everyone else's bios. So we would all talk about David and how he loves social justice, writing Flip The Tape Deck, Butler Basketball, Common Ground, saying, "Shore, Shore," and he's really into crossfit right now among other things. It was hilarious hearing everyone's contributions-- Jake and Mark are both dating 17 year olds and the Friendship Bracelet Club has apparently gone global.

We also talked about James 3 and what it means to control the tongue. We decided three good questions to ask before you speak are: Is it the truth? Is it necessary? Is it kind?

Today I got to wait outside before Campaigners began because it's the first day of Spring. Ellyn and Sarah tried middle parts to prove that they're not coming back.

Ellyn and Sam showed us a weird arm trick and Sar tried it too.

Tyler Bender, of the Tyler Bender Band as featured on iTunes, played guitar for us at Campaigners tonight. It kind of felt like we were getting a private concert. Our Campaigners group got on a great discussion about what living life to the full looks like.

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