Sunday, March 6, 2011

"I'm going to hopefully have triplets so I only have to get pregnant three times. Then we can get bunk beds and still have a small house." -Emily Chase

After four weeks of church hopping because of my weekend travels I finally made it back to Common Ground this morning. It was packed so I had to go down to the basement but it felt like home to be singing those familiar songs and hearing Jeff speak. I believe that showing up at church each week is important and I know that when I go I will experience God.

We planned a theme lunch and movie for CILT girls in Indy- due to some unfortunate circumstances it was a small group but Emily, Avery, Ana and I had a blast. We dressed up as little kids because dressing up is always fun.

After lunch at Chipotle we went to see I Am Number 4 and people loved watching us with our outfits.

We went on a search and rescue mission after the movie because we were very concerned about our dear friend Molls who no one had heard from in 4 hours. Thankfully she was just asleep in her bed the whole afternoon. We barreled into her room and jumped on her bed to wake her up. She was surprised to find out she had 13 text messages and 4 missed calls from concerned friends. 

It was a great afternoon of silliness, laughter, stories,

doing the jernie, and friends.

When I got home I made a to-do list and started feeling really overwhelmed right when Colleen showed up. So we talked about how frustrated we get with school and listened to "Happily Ever After" on repeat.

I finished the Campaginer's sheet for tomorrow just in time to Skype with Annie. Oh how wonderful this girl. Mags is in Spain so we gave her the most creative string of facebook wall posts ever.

I didn't get very far on my to-do list tonight but I've Skyped, blogged, announced a reunion (that stirred up some excitement), and at least thought about everything else I need to do.

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