Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What is your dream wedding?

I asked one of the girls in my first period class what our writing prompt option should be today. "We should write about our dream weddings!" she said. Who am I to argue with creative genuis?

Excerpts of the girls' dream weddings:

My wedding will be perfect.
He's going to have to be cooperative. It's always been my dream to be proposed to on a Ferris Wheel, in Kenya of course. We'll get married in a giant tree house in Australia.
We'll have an open bar so people don't get mad.
My husband would be Ashton Kutcher.
Vera Wang will personally make and deliver my dress with a million crystals on it.
It would be happy and bright and everyone would be smiling. We would eat and go sailing the rest of the night.
After the wedding everyone would go to Disney World and go on every ride.
The only thing I know for sure is I'm not going to wear a dress or anything like a dress.
I want it to be laid back and chill. There is a bed and breakfast in Portland, Oregon where we'll have the ceremony up on a hill. I won't wear heels in fear they'll get stuck in the mud but wear my Sperry Topsiders.
Instead of flower girls I'll have shell girls that throw shells down on the path.
It will be in a chapel of stained glass windows and high ceilings.
We'll have a cake made by Buddy from Cake Boss.
I've honestly never thought about my wedding before. But I guess I do have some ideas. It would be a barefoot wedding. No one can wear shoes.

Excerpts of the boys' dream weddings:

I would be dressed in all white and so would everyone else. We would be in a giant submarine underwater and everyone would bring us presents.
The wedding would have ninjas, tigers, and ten woodsmen with chain saws.
Instead of regular flowers we would have duct tape flowers.
We would eat giant bowls of Apple Jacks and gummy bears.
I would marry Kim Kardashian in my backyard and then we'd all go eat at McDonalds.
I would have a Power Ranger cake.
The ceremony would be in a beautiful meadow in Jamaica.
After the ceremony we'll go make giant sand castles.
It will be in a swamp. We'll be on camels. Kanye West will rap.
The wedding will be on a beach with white sand and crystal clear water. After the wedding I would go fishing. I would catch an eel and mount it on the wall of my cabin.
We would do the thing with the flowers and the thing with the thing that goes to the Single Pringle boys. I know what it's called but I refuse to say it.
Dolphins would jump out of the water and soar over our heads chittering happily.
There would need to be a lot of snacks.
There would be a 70's disco ball and a dance floor. A 20 ft buffet table would keep the fun going.
I want to get married on one of those plans that flies up and down so there's 0 gravity. There would be a live feed down to our guests.
I would have a dolphin trained to say, "Congratulations." It would be nice if swans made the shape of heart when we said, "I do." Chuck Norris would be my best man.
This follow the number one rule of surviving- the woman is always right.

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  1. how can boys and girls be so different...