Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I fibbed...

Back in February I told you all that my friend Sar and I made this quilt...

We lied. Tricked ya. Pulled the wool over your eyes.

The truth is we were really making a wedding quilt for our roommate Jenna who we love very much and has told us multiple times that she wants a quilt. But when we went away for a weekend we had to tell her something so we made up this little hoax of a brown quilt.

There was a mini-quilt camp happening the same weekend at the TLC so we borrowed one of their quilts to throw off Jenna because we knew she would be checking my blog and might be guessing the quilt was for her. (Sar's friend Lindsay really does exist though.)

Sar and I first went to a quilt store in Indy and piled up this stack of beautiful fabrics. Way more our style then brown, we decided the mix of green and blue with splashes of pink and gray would be great for Jenna and Kyle.

As the blocks came together we fell more and more and love with each of the fabrics.

Sar is a professional ironer.

Mom sews 1/4" seams with incredible precision and speed.

I keep all the pieces organized and pin things together as we go.

Love, love, love this.

Finished by 8:00!

Then we got to wait. The quilt has to go to the quilters and then Mom put the binding on last weekend. She came to Indy today so we decided it was the perfect time to give Jenna her FIRST wedding present.

Tonight when Jenna got home we had her sit down and close her eyes and then we laid the quilt on her lap.

She was thrilled. It was the perfect reaction. I think right here she's about to say, "This is SO great."

We told her about our previous ploy and she had no idea that it was a trick at all. We emailed Kyle pictures and he is thrilled too. Happy wedding quilt!

p.s. die + c = dice

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