Saturday, March 5, 2011

Flatware, 50% off day, and fake eyelashes

In case you haven't heard yet, Jenna's getting married!

Today she had her first wedding shower with Young Life committee women, Carmel friends, some YL girls, her mom and grandma, a future sister-in-law, and assorted other friends. It was the most precious gathering of women and it was easy to see that Jenna is so loved.  I loved when Annie and Riley shared their prayers for Jenna, watching Jenna open stacks of Crate & Barrel boxes, and seeing Jenna guess Kyle's answers to questions about each of them and their relationship. Only two months till the wedding!

I spent the afternoon with Ellyn doing what we do best- scouring multiple Goodwills, talking about camp, learning a new friendship bracelet, making a poster for our friends, and meeting Emily at Noodles for dinner.

We raced to North Central where there was a huge show choir competition going on. While searching for seats Catie O'Hara suddenly appeared! Best surprise ever. We got to spend the rest of the night hanging out with her too.

Meg's choir performed first and they were fantastic. I loved watching Meg doing something she loves so much.

 I loved these 1920's dressed. Her choir ended up getting Grand Champions at the end of the night!

We had to hunt down some more friends. We found Keefer first.

Then we saw Molls who was working the event as a judge runner.

We got to see Meg and tell her she was so wonderful.

All of these girls are connected through camp and have all gone from camper to CILT to Day Camp staff. It was so fun to all be together and be able to hang out.

While we waited for the next performance we talked with Molly's favorite mom, talked about the performances, and told some other random stories.

Keefer and AJ are in the same choir and were conveniently always next to each other and right up front to make picture taking really easy.

Keefer's faces are ridiculous. I was dying.

When I first met this pair they were twelve years old and they were the loudest two girls at camp that week. They made me laugh all week long and I could never forget their dramatic singing from the moment we woke up to the moment we went to sleep. I love that they haven't lost a bit of that and I could see they were just in their element belting out each song.

They have so much energy and enthusiasm.

How can you not admire this?

AJ took a hiatus from Camp T last year and I'm so excited for her to return on DC staff this year. She will be a rockstar.

We also ran into Chaz, a CILT in 2009, and Lina, a CILT from 2010, during the night. 

Being together is just always so much fun.

And when I got home? I read the last 50 pages of the Pioneer Woman. So. Good.

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