Tuesday, March 15, 2011

SB 11- kind of

Normally on Tuesday night I would find myself sitting at a round table under florescent lights with a stack of articles in front of me about implementing critical literacy in the classroom. But IUPUI is one Spring Break which means I am on Spring Break- at least for three hours tonight and tomorrow.

Instead of eating my dinner in the car on the way downtown I found myself sitting across from Alex, aka Achan, at Chipotle. She's home for SB this week from Alabama and I'm so glad we got the chance to connect. Alex was one of my first campers in Teton. During her two weeks at camp that summer I decided she was a rockstar with her giant tub of cheez-its, love for Camp T, and outgoing personality. We had fun that summer.

Truth: I'm still such a fan. I love that Alex is so honest and that tonight we talked about how she's doing at school and where she sees herself next year and how that all might play out. I love that we can talk about things that happened years ago like playing Dominican Chaos for the first time ever in Upper Pioneer- she actually helped name the game- and that we can talk about what's going on right now.

I've been missing Young Life clubs on Tuesdays because of class but tonight I got to be there. Instead of club we had Carmel girls and guys nights. The girls came to the Apt to hang out with Jenna and me. Funfetti cupcakes, Glee, and fun.

We had a rare mix in our living room tonight- freshmen, sophomores, a junior, and a senior. I loved seeing all of these girls that don't usually hang out interact.

They told us about twama (twitter drama), the secrets of an effective workout, and their thoughts on school/TV/parents/boys/Spring Break. 

I love fake Spring Break.

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