Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Why write?

I believe that writing is like exercise or playing an instrument or learning a foreign language--to improve and really love it you've got to do it everyday. You've got to make yourself sit down and do the hard work of writing. Get something, anything down on paper. Writing is an art form and has the power to impact people in profound ways.

Cold Tangerines inspires me, Hunger Games make my cheer for Katniss, I threw down Scorch Trials, Don't Waster Your Cancer makes me cry. Reading and writing go hand in hand. You can't really understand one without exercising the other.

I believe that writing is valuable as a record and a tool for change. Writing is valuable when the writer is honest--in both students' papers and campers' letters I've seen things revealed they've never said aloud.

-W590 Response

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