Sunday, March 13, 2011

"She stopped talking to go fold clothes?!"

Common Ground was great this morning and I was happy to find Chris and Mark when I walked in late. Four men that have left this church to start their own communities returned to share their stories. I'm excited about living a life that intentionally creates space for Christ and relationships.

Finished this bracelet after so many knots. Now to pass on the love. This pattern makes me think of the Brunner sisters.

Oh my goodness a two hour skype who knew it was possible? It felt like we were hanging out in the same room making friendship bracelets and talking about life. Top 10 list of the day- If traveling and money weren't an issue what 10 things would you do today?

One of my items was returning here, to Yonder, to adventure with Brown Bear, Dancing Tulip, and Fred. I miss the days when I saw these girls all the time.

We didn't make it to Yonder but we found ourselves in Paradise. Dancing Tulip, Fred, and Brown Bear right there fresh back from a Chicago road trip.

Sometimes people just call them Allison, Dom, and Taylor. So fun to spend time with them.

Can't believed I'd never skyped with Sarah Mooney before today. As soon as we started talking I realized her kitchen looks just like my friend Steph's. I then described Sar's entire house- same floor plan. So weird.

Peanut even dropped in for a minute. Love these sisters. So glad I get to spend the summer with them.

MAGGIE IS BACK FROM SPAIN! Oh how I have missed this face. The saddest news was that she didn't get to ride a Camel because it was raining. She loved the rest of the trip though.

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  1. i had to fold clothes so my mom wouldn't yell at me.. :(