Thursday, March 24, 2011

I've Got A Golden Ticket!

A couple weeks ago I got a gel-pen written letter from Olivia, one of my Blazer campers. She asked, "Ok, I know this is really far-fetched, but I was wondering if you could come to our Drama play? It's known as Willy Wonka." 

Obviously I was not going to miss a production of Willy Wonka and Molly quickly agreed to come too. She's always up for a good drama production.

We walked in to the dark theater minutes after the show began and found seats right up front. I was immediately overcome with joy and excitement when I saw Oksana, yes Oksana from the Ch 1 post, on stage singing about Willy Wonka in her neon outfit nailing the choreographed routine.

Soon Oksana came out as Augustus Gloop, the boy who loves to eat all day long. She mastered being a boy, fat, and German--very impressive. I love her goofy mannerisms and comedic reactions.

About half way through Olivia spotted me in the audience and I may have waved and did a "Sarah Wright" smile and Molls told me I was distracting her and Olivia was breaking character on stage. The look of excitement on her face was totally worth it.

As soon as the girls took their final bows they ran down the stairs and across the room to attack us. I love reunions and am so glad I got to see these girls up on stage loving the spotlight.

It was so fun to tell the girls how great they were up there. When Molly told Oksana she was the best oompa loompa she flipped a pony-tail over her shoulder and said, "Yeah, I know." They introduced us to their parents and took us to get the celebratory mini-cupcakes and grapes. The girls told us about their friends and school. When they started talking about coming back to camp next summer Olivia, Oksana, and Molly all started jumping up and down. Literally. For a good 30 seconds. That is joy.

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