Friday, March 11, 2011

"Oh my gosh, Hi!"

Today my students finished editing their braided essays. Their ticket out the door was to tell me their opinion of this style of essay and then explain why they liked it more or less than a traditional essay. My favorite comment was, "I like that it's three stories that all just go together. It's like shampoo, conditioner, and body wash all in one."

Mikaela and Haley brought me and extra smoothie from their home ec class and then we played with a hyper color t-shirt during SLT. Because of the dye used on the shirt it has two pigments- one when it's warm and the other when it cools off. We experimented with all the different designs and patterns we could make and were continually amazed.

I jumped in my car after the final bell and drove to Depauw. Arielle's play In The Diner is this weekend and I couldn't wait to see her as the lead. Arielle and I went to the Hub, student center, to get dinner before the show. Grace came with Elizabeth and Erika from Delphi and I felt like I was watching a live episode of Noodle Intensity. In the hour or so we were sitting there I think I saw everyone I know that goes to Depauw- Mary, Chrissy, Sarah Norris, Riley, Holly, Hunter, Grace Ardery, and Shane Evans.

Arielle's play was based off the Greek myth about Zeus, Hera, and Io. It was actually written by a Depauw student and given an 80's diner spin. Arielle has always been a talented actress and I loved being able to see her under the stage lights again. She was the lead in the drama and did a great job in this emotionally demanding part.

Afterwards the Noodle Intensity girls (check out the Noodle Night video) and I hung out in Arielle's room telling stories and watching their old vlog videos. I love stories about Kevin and their Earth Day video where they may have eaten some grass.

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