Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"But you didn't take a picture of me yet."

Pivotal Moments of the Day:

1. Eating pancakes before school with Sar, Hannah, and Mac.
2. Getting the FBC song lyrics from Rachel.
3. Finding out about pygmy marmoset monkeys from Mikaela. Go google image them. So precious.
4. Talking to Michelle about camp coming up and figuring out what that means for right now.
5. Eating dinner with Molls and my mom and Aunt Meg.
6. Realizing I didn't even know an assignment was due two weeks ago. It'll be ok though.
7. Giving a friendship bracelet to the woman that calls me "Friendship Bracelet Girl."
8. Talking with Annie about best friends, writing books and blogs, summer, hard days, Young Life, books, boys, and life.

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