Friday, September 23, 2011

Blog Hop 3rd Edition

Top 10 Things On My Bucket List:
1. Take an art class, start a craft class
2. Write a book about camp
3. Live in the same town as my sister
4. See Taylor Swift in concert
5. Visit England with some of my best friends
6. Be a mom (and send my own kids to camp)
7. Go to the weddings of my past campers and Young Life girls
8. Get married to my best friend
9. Go on Young Life Wilderness
10. Be a Village Director

Top 10 Scenes From My Daily Life:

Top 10 Important Things I've Learned So Far In Life:
1. People are the greatest investment I can make.
2. You get more from loving and serving others then from thinking about yourself. Structure your life accordingly.
3. Having stuff and money really doesn't matter and it doesn't make you better than anyone else.
4. Being a counselor at Tecumseh is one of the very best things you can ever do. Keep doing it as long as you can.
5. Once you figure out what you're passionate about, what makes you come alive, center your life around that.
6. Your character and integrity are so important- make sure you're proud of yourself. Even if you don't fit in, even if it makes life harder, do what you believe in.
7. If you want to do something, commit to it and make it happen. You have the time and ability to accomplish anything you really care about.
8. You should choose to surround yourself with great people that celebrate you and make you better. Then you have the responsibility to be a great friend to them.
9. Faith is about choosing to live out a relationship with Christ everyday. It's not just one section of your life but it should affect everything you do, say and think.
10. Don't take life too seriously--play outside, wear overalls, color with markers, sing songs loud in the car, hand make presents, and eat extra frozen yogurt.

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