Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Things I Like:

Rae's prep outfit.
Hearing about her Peru trip.
Discussing musicals.
Dinner with Alli.
Sharing our passion for Diet Coke.
Getting to be really real in conversation.

I like getting ready for YL club when everyone is being goofy.
I like trying Australian accents.

I like family portrait photos.
I like dressing up creatively for themes.
I like that MaryEllen has a zebra dress.
I like giant cardboard cutouts of tigers.

I like when kids show up and they are instantly invited into a game or group.
I like that tonight it still felt like summer.
I like that we get the opportunity to have fun with kids we've known for years and kids we just met tonight.

I like creative costumes.
I like... bear rugs... that Tom shot... and ate...

I like upfront games.
I like singing Taylor Swift songs really loud.

I like dance raves with DJ Tony.

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