Friday, September 30, 2011

Welcome, Lincoln Wright Dekoster!

Katie was induced Friday morning at 5:00 am, four days after her due date. After school I started the drive up to MI and called Mom. "I think she's going to have it in the next hour- she's getting close!" she told me. We kept having the same conversation each time I called to check-in but once I arrived at 8:30 there was still no baby.

I joined my parents in the waiting room down the hall from Katie's room where they'd been sitting all day. Nick got to stop in to tell us that the doctor decided to proceed with a c-section at about 8:40.

There were two emergency c-sections that went in before her and we waited anxiously in the hall. I watched Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice--interesting to watch a medical show while you're actually in a hospital and seeing doctors pass by.

At some point to attempt to stay awake, Mom and I took pictures through the halls. I taught Mom how to take a jumping picture, she showed me where she peeks through the door to try to see Katie.

They finally went into surgery after 11. Lincoln Wright Dekoster was born at 11:48 pm, September 30th.

Around 1:30 Nick came to get us from the waiting room. The nurses were going to let us come into the post op room to see Katie and Lincoln for two minutes.

So precious. Already in a tye-dye beanie, Lincoln is so cool.

Grandma Beth loves Linc.

So dang cute. I just wanted to keep holding him.

Check out proud dad Nick.

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