Wednesday, September 14, 2011

top 10 topics were from the brains of Sarah Scott, Casey, Annie, Allison and Taylor

Top 10 Things I Like To Make:
1. friendship bracelets
2. potholder headbands
3. traditions
4. collages
5. new friends
6. funfetti cupcakes
7. stories
8. colored envelopes
9. tye-dye t-shirts
10. quilts with my Mom and Sar

Top 10 Things I Miss About Camp Today:
1. talking during pop stop
2. Friday nights when every counselor is on
3. the walk to and from the Richard G. Marsh lake
4. how you can reference Cold Tangerines and all the girl counselors know what you're talking about
5. watching the sun through the trees during chapel and then watching the sun set at night
6. potholder headbands, fanny packs, party tanks and overalls are so cool
7. talking to CILT girls when they come back to the Longhouse at night
8. the excitement of performing a new CILT cheer
9. singing T Swift Love Story in the party room during Wednesday lunch when everyone goes crazy
10. seeing all the Day Camp counselors at the Trading Post after their kids go home

Top 10 Everyday Things I Couldn't Live Without:
1. Nike shorts
2. Diet Coke
3. my camera
4. Crayola markers
5. Sperrys
6. potholder headbands
7. staff sweatshirt
8. blue pens
9. Vera purse
10. plastic watch

Top 10 Things I Miss About Hope College:
1. Kletz lunch with SIBs on Thursdays and ordering a #5
2. walking through the Pine Grove and always seeing at least one friend
3. sitting with SIBs in Dimnent's wooden pews during chapel and holding hands when we pray
4. Prayers and Praises during business meetings in the cottage basement
5. the excitement and anticipation for the Pull and then going to watch on Saturday
6. being only a few blocks from JPs, the best study and coffee date spot
7. driving to Mars Hill every Sunday morning with friends
8. going to class and learning from professors that know so much about teaching and writing and who really care about their students
9. the SIB and Emmy table in Phelps that gets so full at dinner you come at 5 if you want a good seat
10. biking and blading and long boarding and walking and running through and around campus and town

Top 10 Back-up Careers:
1. ninja
2. professional organizer
3. own a make-and-take craft store
4. card designer
5. art teacher
6. student life director at a boarding school
7. writer
8. young life staff
9. photographer
10. coach of children's roller blading brigade

Top 10 Things That Inspire Me:
1. singing worship songs in church or at campaigners or in chapel or in my car
2. hearing other people's stories
3. reading great books
4. quotes that make me think
5. watching someone choose to change their life and then actually do it
6. when I witness love in action
7. scripture that speaks right to my life
8. seeing someone be about something that actually matters
9. hearing people talk about what they're passionate about
10. people that live with integrity and kindness

Top 10 Things I Think Everyone Should Experience:
1. being a camp counselor
2. driving through the Serengeti in the late afternoon
3. jumping off a waterfall
4. Young Life club at a YL camp
5. a meeting of the Friendship Bracelet Club
6. traveling/living by yourself
7. swimming in the ocean
8. going to camp as a kid
9. breaking a record
10. being a part of a community of people who love Christ, love each other well, and live life to the full

Top 10 Foods That Remind Me Of Something:
1. green bean casserole, Thanksgiving and Christmas with my family
2. tonic with lime and peanuts, playing cards at Grandma's
3. Tombstone frozen pizzas, watching movies with Arielle
4. Mellow Mushroom pizza, dinners with Ellyn, Molly, Alli, and Colleen
5. Cold Stone ice-cream, nights off on Day Camp
6. yellow apples, country-line dancing and hip-hop clinic
7. donuts, midnight talks with Ruthie
8. vanilla lattes, getting hot drinks with Lani all through college
9. curly fries and blizzards, road trips with Sar
10. grilled cheese, Sunday afternoons in the Wright house

Top 10 You Never Want To Be Caught Without A Spoon:
1. Day Camp dessert night
2. Katie and Nick's farmhouse when they made chili
3. when Dave and Beth break out the java chip
4. Orange Leaf when they have yellow cake and snickerdoodle
5. Huddles when they have thin mint
6. when I'm making funfetti cupcakes and need to mix everything up and then lick the spoon
7. breakfast in bed morning when all the bagels are gone and the kids ate all the donuts and all is left is Raisin Bran and you can't eat Raisin Bran without milk
8. with Claudia Kishi from the Baby-Sitter's Club is making art from spoons and wire and beads and she asks you to help
9. at Young Life camp when Big Cookie is served
10. at a soup restaurant... I don't know of one but I really believe they should exist
11. "Spoon convention" -Molly Henry

Top 10 Ways To Travel On The Monon Trail:
1. by flying broomstick
2. tandem bike with your best friend
3. rollerblades
4. in the little cart tent thing that kids ride in behind bikes... you just have to find someone to pedal the bike
5. in a mobile dance party. speakers powered by battery are clutch
6. on a scooter or rip-stick
7. via longboard, preferably with a dreadlock in your hair
8. in a jogging stroller... once again you need to find someone willing to push you
9. in one of those human size hamster balls
10. pogo stick

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