Wednesday, September 21, 2011


One of my favorite things about Wolf Shirt Wednesday in Junior High is that even though there are only about 10 participants they are such a mix of kids, they are not from the same grade or the same group of friends and normally wouldn't interact. But on Wednesdays they wear weird shirts and they make the wolf hand sign and they smile at each other in the hallway. I love it.

I love when Friendship Bracelet Club is really big at the beginning of the year for the same reason. All of these girls that might not otherwise interact with each other suddenly sit down beside each other to make a diagonal stripe and help each other out. Seeing them step outside their social circle to work with someone new is my favorite thing to watch.

Alli Kenney brought a stack of card stock to dinner tonight so we could help make paper cranes. The son of the librarian at her school is fighting cancer and everyone is living out the story of 1,000 cranes at Guerin High School. Alli taught us how to fold the paper and make these cranes that symbolize hope and prayer for this family.

Some CILT girls from 2010 got together tonight to catch up over dinner. I love that even though it was over a year ago that we all lived in the Longhouse together camp still keeps us connected. These girls weren't even campers at the same time but through reunions and Team CILT on facebook and dinners like this they form friendships.

Truth: I love TV.
Other truth: I haven't had time to watch it since last May and my life has been really great without it because I can do so many other things.
Problem: All of my favorite shows re-start this week.

Tonight I went to the girls' house to watch the hour premier of Modern Family. I love the characters on the show but the best part was getting to watch it with all of these friends. Maybe I could get used to keeping up with shows again if I'm watching them like this every week.

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