Monday, September 12, 2011

Wolf MoonRock Perkins

This weekend put "white boards" on his list of things he is passionate about right now. I of course inquired further. "We painted our living room wall with white board paint. The whole thing is a white board now and we can write ALL over it." I couldn't hold in my excitement and was anxious to get to Leadership tonight.

I get to write on a white board all day at school but somehow it's so different and exciting when it's in the middle of your living room. 

David led a brainstorming session. I feel very positive about the resulting choices for the Perkins' offspring. They just have so many great options here.

How cool is this? What if walls everywhere were dry erase and we would continually write these top 10 lists and brainstorms and verses and messages?

It reminded me of this wall my friend saw when they were traveling. I LOVE this.

Long live giant dry erase boards and chalkboards. Write on everyone.

Oh, and we found out that Tyler Bender, one of the guys on our YL team, made this sweet video.

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