Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Highs of the Days

1. I got a hand-written letter from a student. Easily one of my favorite things.
2. During SLT five girls who had already finished their homework helped me cut out bulletin board signs, take down an old bulletin board, staple papers, sort papers, put away things, and erase the board. They were so helpful and so excited to do "teacher" things.
3. Rule #4 Take Opportunities- I realized I had time to spare after school so I got a hold of Madison and we met for Orange Leaf. I haven't seen her since camp and I loved getting to catch up about school and how much we miss our camp friends and how frustrating it is when people don't support wolf shirts. And they had Snickerdoodle.

4. I went to the cross country meet to cheer on my students. I LOVE cross country races. Probs my favorite athletic event to watch. When I got there Grace, one of my old students, ran over to get me and I stretched with all of the girls. During the races I cheered on our runners with Abby and Chrissy.

5. Kraft and I went on a bike ride through the sites of Noblesville. Only 10 miles, we weren't up to Bike and Build standard distances, but I felt pretty athletic.

6. I got the pleasure of dining with Kraft's roommates i.e. parents for a Mexitalian feast. The funniest part besides Pete's commentary and Kraft's impersonations was how much Chris love's lima beans.

7. I was reading Kelle Hampton's blog today and fell in love with this section. After spending six rainy days inside she took her two daughters on an adventure... It's so fun and so wise and you should read it.

I had no idea where we were going, but I braided Lainey's hair, slipped ruffle socks and silver shoes over Nella's bare feet and buckled them (the girls, not the feet) into their car seats--ready for something. Brett called me on my way out. "Where are you off to?" ...and I laughed as I drove: "I have no idea where I'm going, but we're going somewhere."

And I think that pretty much sums up everything. Parenting, living, moving forward, embracing change, making something good of what you've been given.

I have no idea where I'm going, but I'm going somewhere.
Sometimes, when you don't know where you're going--and you embrace the freedom in that very fact--you enjoy the journey so much more. Like an unplanned road trip with lots of stops.

Sometimes, it takes not knowing where you're going to arrive someplace fabulous. And whenever I am sure I'm lost, I will keep driving. I will look to the left and to the right as I drive, taking in the sights as I go. And I will know that somewhere not far ahead, there's a beach. There's a beach where I can run so fast, I don't even have to stop to change my clothes.

Today is my favorite day.

8. "Shoot- I forgot to eat chips today!" I love my roommates. They're plotting to bust open my future niece/nephews piggy bank. I really like that we have a curfew to be upstairs by a certain time.

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