Thursday, September 8, 2011

Where I'm From

Inspired by George Ella Lyon

I am from potholder headbands, Camelbak water bottles and sunglasses hanging by croakies.
I am from the bunk beds in Choctaw (creaky, metal springs, they keep us awake during rest hour)
I am from the cicadas that buzz all night, the black wasps that hover over the soccer field.
I am from playing Stomp in the Party Room and Carolyn Kata's dance moves, from Pima and Pawnee.
I'm from the wolf-shirt-Wednesdayers and the best-day-evers.
From Live in the Moment and take the food waste back to the pig bucket please.
I am from praying holding hands in a circle at the end of every day.
I'm from two villages but one camp, ultimate nachos and the coveted apple crisp.
From the letter Jack McGee wrote to the night time serenades of Adele.
I am from a plastic box filled with slips of paper, scrawled with the highs of my day for 9 weeks; moments marked by laughter that made me cry, best friends of all ages, and joy that surpassed my surroundings.
-Camp T Counselor

I'm from baked oatmeal and North Face backpacks.
I'm from the bugs bites on my neck.
I'm from the tug-of-wars and ga-ga pits with the guys.
I'm from a cabin that loves and cares about you no matter what you do.
I'm from the singers and the competitiveness, from I am Third.
I am from waking up every morning at 7 to sing about God.
I'm from dirt on the mud hike and the hot-dogs from the cook out.
From the closing campfire to the opening campfire.
I'm from the letters that made me cry when I read them, my counselors and friends that I love.
-Camp T Blazer

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  1. Sarah! I love this! So I decided to take a few minutes and write my own...

    I am from best friends since we were warriors and best friends since like five seconds ago
    I am from learning to lead in every way imaginable
    I am from sweaty days and chilly nights
    I am from wands-not-sticks and wooden nametags
    I am from after lunchtime serenades of T-Swift and iCarly
    I am from the 12-foot wall and RFAJWD
    I am from spending time with kids ranging from 5 to 13 years old
    I am from bruises that really hurt but contain a memory so you never want them to go away
    I am from a baseball-sized tangle in my hair every night
    I am from looking at the stars and barely being able to breathe because of their beauty
    I am from jam sessions that show every girl can belt it beautifully
    I am from friends that feel more like family members
    I am from having a story read to me each night, and falling asleep soaking it in just as if I was a little kid again
    I am from devotions that I still think about every night
    I am from crying because we’re together and crying because we’re apart
    I am from a group of 41 of the greatest people I’ve ever met
    I am from TEAM CILT
    -Camp T CILT