Saturday, September 24, 2011

"What did Indians eat?" "Raccoons and like squirrels and stuff. Rodents, whatever."

My first weekend in Indy in a month was a huge success. Ate dinner with Rach, watched Grey's with Colleen Whiting, ate breakfast with Coll and Cam, ran errands, got groceries that contained more than frozen pizza and bagels, and shared meals with two groups of my favorite people.

Rach, Em and I drove to Plainfield to meet up with our Depauw friends. Oh, they're just so funny. Moll and Annie are having a college weekend so we got to play with them too.

These days I'm thankful that these are my real life friends, not just my camp ones. These are people I talk to regularly, it's not too long between trips, and we're just comfortable being together.

It a spontaneous, take opportunities kind of afternoon and being with these women makes me think we should do this more often.


"These pockets are the perfect size for my hands. Ok, just imagine you're in Main Field right now. Someone could easily mug all of us right now. That's ok. None of what we're saying is rational. Mine totally is. Cloud watching should be a clinic. Cloud watching could totally be a clinic. Masking the way I feel about you--that's Emily's favorite song. Ok. Who knows the rest?"

Really love all of them.

Ran home, cooked up some green bean casserole and blueberry muffins and I was on my way to the first Young Life Thanksgiving dinner of the semester.  We think it's a really good idea to all gather and eat a giant meal together more than just once a year.

So glad I got to hang out with Emily, Coop, Avery, Steph...

...and Hannah, Mac and Hannah.

We played the fishbowl game. Team one dominated. All three rounds.

As the game wound down the boys started to do... boy things in a dance party, macho arm wrestling, kitchen floor sliding, pumpkin pie eating kind of way that I had never witnessed before.

On this Saturday I'm thankful for camp friends, songs you listen to on repeat, bouncy balls for a quarter, Young Life family, senior girls, eating outside, blueberry muffins and diet coke, competitive group games, dj Tony, and enjoying being ridiculous.

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