Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Highs of the Day

1. One of the writing options in class today was to write an argument defending whether Santa Claus or Dumbledore is better. Best quotes:
"Dumbledore in the headmaster of Hogwarts. Santa Claus is just the headmaster of penguins."
"Dumbledore? I call him Dumblebore."
"But I fought back tears, like a penguin fights for her baby."

2. I got to 3-person chat with Ellie and Mags this afternoon. Ellie and Olivia made up a game where you pretend you're hiding somewhere at camp and the other people have to find you by figuring out clues. It's seriously so fun. First Mags hid in the Nature Center and then I was in a cabin in Upper Pioneer.

3. Orange Leaf had a fundraiser for Young Life today so I went with some Senior girls. They have big personalities and live boldly and I really like being around them.

4. We had a very unofficial game of whiffle ball before Club started tonight. Playin' sports- my favorite past time.

5. Double Dare You Club was so fun tonight. David said it was one of his favorite clubs ever and I agree- there was just so much energy and both new and old kids were into the games and everyone sang the songs and the Dares were sweet and David's talk was awesome because it connected us with the truth of the gospel so well.

6. Molly made a wall in her room last year called the Wall of Fun- the only pictures that can go up there are the ones where she is REALLY having SO much fun. Tonight when I skyped Mags she was making a Wall of Camp which was also exuding SO much fun. Love pictures. Love covering walls with people you love. Love talking to Mags.

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  1. 1. I love abby snively.
    2. i need to know who said 'dumblebore' so i can create a list of reasons why they are wrong for them. how dare they.