Sunday, September 25, 2011

Me: Are you wearing a shawl???? Colleen: Yes.... I made it.

This afternoon Ellie Pearl asked me, "What are you celebrating today?"

Great question Ellie. 

After further consideration I would like to amend my previous answer.

Today I am celebrating...

Getting to see Annie Fazzio for a bit. 
Breakfast with Moll and Coll at our favorite place. We think breakfast is the best meal to go out for.
Being able to go to church with Rachel at Common Ground. 
A whole afternoon to do anything I want.

Choosing to hang out with Emel.
Watching old movies.
Having the luxury of hours to craft.
Skyping with camp girls like Ellie, Abby, and Mags.

Wearing my SIB trad all day and taking time to think about how much I love my SIB friends and miss that part of my past.
Talking to Ruth, one of my best friends from college, for a long time and knowing that she gets me and loves me.

Sunday night dinner at the Nikcevich house and having a heart to heart with Avery.
Getting to see Molls twice in one day for a spontaneous fro yo fix.
Honest conversation.
Feeling well rested all weekend with no eye twitch.
My sister's due date is tomorrow!

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