Thursday, September 15, 2011

"Miss Wright, I found the toe part of one of the potholders!"

Do you know what these are?

They're nylon weaving loops to make potholder headbands. It was big-group-game-playing, quick-thinking, Taylor-Swift-singing, potholder-headband-creating, picture-taking, question-asking, new-kid-meeting, just really-happy kind of day in the FBC. I'm so excited for the girls to wear their headbands at school tomorrow.

After school I went to watch Kathleen Altice play soccer against Carmel YL girls. Not only did I get to see Kath head the ball and be real competitive, but I got to sit and talk with Annie Aderman and Claire Neterer the whole time. I love that camp kids get SO excited when they see camp friends and SO excited when you mention other camp people.

Tonight I got to sit down with Rachel, Emily and Coll to get crafty. We had all the elements of a good crafting sesh: frozen pizza, cookie dough, and Pandora. We were each inspired to use more fabric than magazine clippings this time around.

And I got mail from two of the best envelope decorators I've ever seen. So impressive Grace and Michelle.

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